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Weaver Cat – 2016


a picture for you – Mildred Huntsinger, funeral memorial card

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To Privatize Posts/Pages or Not? [2017 update]

I have a debate brewing in my mind about this Blog/journal — to privatize posts/pages of a certain nature or not. None of the over 100 posts were ever posted with any intent other than to share my personal memories of my life, hometown and various topics that are current that hold my interests.
This will continue to be my philosophy — and should anyone have “issue” with what I have posted here — I, yes, I am the one you should contact with your comments, complaints or friendly suggestions for change. Not my mother, brother, cousins; or other relatives that have contact with me.
If, you return to my site, only to find a post you read previous has changed from “public” to “password protected” — this can mean several things.
1) The content has been outdated by more current information,
2) I need to update/correct or otherwise change the textual content,
3) There are hyperlinks that are included in the post/page that are no longer valid/active, and I will need to see if i can find current links with the same content, before the post/page can restored to a ‘public’ status,
4) I have ‘family issues’ related to aspects of these post/pages — which need to resolved before the status MAY BE changed to public.
One last item:
I am a writer, trained in journalistic style — at one time I was a Communications major (while in college); I also have some training in legal research; what does this mean? (You ask?).
I am somewhat familiar with what is acceptable to be reported/reviewed/re-posted online, and many websites which host many government/freely available documents — free due to the “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT”.
So, no — I do not place anything on my blog/journal without some form of documentation, and give credit where the items/text/photos originated from — that would not credible research/reporting.
If you want to find out more about the history of your hometown, GOOGLE is your friend — what it can NOT DO is distinguish between what you “want” to find, and what has actually been documented through media, court cases, expose’ books; and genealogy research.
So this brings me back to the debate — to privatize or NOT?
If you have observations/comments — I would like to hear them.

— C A Abernathy